41 Horses With Unique And Beautiful Coats


2 The One and Only Sabino Gene

DlHIzWRX0AI9_T7-77112Sabino horseback riding @really_animals / Twiitoer

“Sabino” refers to a specific coat patterns. White spots produced by a gene known as the Sabino gene. There is a DNA test to determine if a horse is really a Sabino, or if it is just a roan. We will look at Roans horses later in the slideshow.

Sabino Horse facts: next to the dominant white horses, were thought to carry patron saints to the other world in many ancient civilizations.

You will be lucky to find one in a horse riding lessons facility near you.

Sabino horses roan only in certain areas of their skin, The face and belly. Roan horses coat is dominated by white color.

3 Red Roan

Red Roanred roan horse breed YouTube/Top Animals TV

This beauty is red roan quarter horse. Its well developed muscular hindquarters is behind the classification. A roan is a solid color horse that has white fur mixed with its base coat

Red Roans have a chestnut base coat, but all of these little white skins can make them almost pink. They still have strong dark manes and brown tails.

I can imagine how magical red roan horse riding experience will be.

Fun horse fact about Roans is that their coats turn darker in winter, as the fur grows longer, giving it is base color more presence.

4 Dapple Grey

Arabian or Arab horse dapple greydapple grey horse boarding stable. DeAgostini/Getty Images

This is beauty is a dapple grey Arabian horse. When a horse’s coat is called “grey”, it means the horse is grey or white. White horses are also called “greys”. Most grey horses are born dark and then turn white.

As they get older, dapple “blooms” start to emerge on their coats. The horse in this photo is younger because it still has its dapples.

The interesting horse fact behind the transformation is the following, with age the fur loses its ability to produce melanin so the turn completely white.


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