41 Horses With Unique And Beautiful Coats


Horses are available in a wide variety of shades. Brown is the most common, a brown horse with a black mane and tail, and gray, which can be a white or gray horse. Buckskins, paints, and palominos aren’t as common, still have man fans.

There are many amazing horse facts that will make you appreciate more these majestic creatures, with an estimated 60million horses around the world, and more than 300 horse breeds. The oldest breed is believed to be 4500 years old, the Arabian horse.

Some of the horses on this list have completely unique coats. Read on for exciting discoveries, horse of an unusual color, and a horse with a special mark explaining a lot!

1 Pinto Horse

Paint horse standing in a fieldPinto horse breed DeAgostini/Getty Images

Let’s start with a primary color of horse fur. This is a pinto. A pinto horse has a partly white coat and partly any other darker color. They almost look like cows when they are black and white or brown and white.

Here are some Pinto horse facts for you:

Pintos can be used for hunting and rodeo events, although they are not bulky, they have great endurance, typical for long distance trips. Pinto racing horses have won Endurance horse of the year in many occasions according to horse racing results websites.

A good idea for a better experience exploring some of the breeds on this list, is to go to horse stables or horseback riding lessons near you where you can find horse breeds from all over the world.

Sometimes these horses are known as “paints”, but, excitingly, now not all paints are pintos. Some are crossed horse breeds. Most of the pintos are actually quarter horse or thoroughbred.


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