13 signs your horse is happy

How do you know if your horse is happy? Here 13 signs you can look out for to know your horse feelings. Whether you are a horse riding trainer or a fan of horseback riding, we hope you will find it fun 🙂

How to read your horse’s body language

1. Horse nostrils

When relaxed, Your horse’s nostrils will be relaxed, more round and soft. otherwise, you’ll notice them tighten and get thinner .


2. His lip line

Your horse’s lip line will be curling down slightly in a relaxed manner. If he’s feeling stressed, it will look so drawn and tight

3. His lower jaw


Your horse’s lower jaw will be loose when he’s feeling happy. His lower jaw will be hanging down. Another sign is when he is dribbling.

4. Horse tail


Your horse’s tail should be really loose and swinging freely while your horse’s moving. The form will be straight

5. His ears


The horse’s ears can generally determine what is he focusing at, he’ll point them in the direction of where he’s feeling some stress. For example If they’re pointing forward or back, his concentration is there.

How to read your horse’s behaviour in his field

6. Horse Rearing and pawing

When you horse is rearing up with his front legs in front of another horse or pawing the ground, that’s an indicator he’s enjoying the moment and happy. Playing behaviors occur with horses when they re comfortable and happy with each other. Except when the horse is galloping near the fence line, this often a sign he’s tense and unhappy.

7. Your Horse Looking relaxed

Your horse will be relaxed while greezing or scanning the field, this shows he is happy in his environement. If you are looking for a first horseback riding experience near you, this tips will help you communicate and understand your horse behavior.

8. Horses Mutual grooming


Mutual grooming in the field is an important indicator on your horse state, it is an opportunity to relax stay healthy and bond with other horses.

How to read your horse’s state in his stable

9. Dropping Regularly

Your horse’s droppings will be regular and of a usual amounts. If your horse is tense, he may not defecate, which is a sign of unhapponess.

10. Sharing his hay


When your horse shares hia hay with a horse mate, it shows he is happy and relaxed.

11.  Horse bed

Your horse’s bedding will stay in place, as happy horses are resting in their stable. A tense horse will mess his bedding around.

12. Stable vices

Stable vices, according to horse care experts, such as crib-biting and box walking, are not always a sign your horse is stressed – they can lead to endorphin releasing, the happiness hormone, so vice behaviour can also mean your horse is feeling excited.

How to read your horse’s behaviour when you ride

In Horseback riding, understanding your horse’s emotional state is so important, equestrian sport enthusiasts will devlop that by heart.

13. Breathing out

Your horse breathing out should make soft sounds, due to his relaxed nostrils. it’s a laso one of the essiential signs your horse is happy whilebeing ridden and feeling happy.

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