Latest: The Priest Who Slapped a Baby During a Baptism Spoke About the Assault After Being Suspended From Church Duties


The Catholic priest spoke about his embarrassment after he has been forced to retirement after the incident when a 2 years baby was a victim of a harsh devilish treatment from him, the priest have shown a terrible attitude when he slapped a crying baby during the baptism ceremony at the Collegiate Church in the south-eastern suburbs of Paris.


The Priest lost his mind after asking the baby several times “calm down must calm down..”

The priest announced he is ending his ministry feeling great shame but the sense of defending his act was present when he said: “It was somewhere between a caress and a slap, I hoped to calm him down, I didn’t know what to do. The child was screaming a lot and I had to turn his head to pour water over it.

I told him to ‘calm down, calm down’ but he was not calming down.

I tried to hold him close. I just wanted him to calm down.”, the Priest ended his speech accepting his punishment “I end my ministry now,  everything comes to an end”.

Jack Lacroix, 89, the French  priest was immediately forced to retirement by the Bishop of Meaux said the Father should have no excuse following this assault.