Man investigates Why His Cat Sits In The Same Spot Everyday. Dog fans don’t get optimistic!


Cats may not be the biggest fans of rules, or they are not at all!  Rolling over, rush at you when      you call, forget about it. Cats would spend most of their day having a sun bathe, they maybe  domesticated, but it is more likely by their own rules, however  this what the following theory is     a  glimpse of hope for cat fans around the world.

The theory indicates that if you trace a circle on the floor, the cat will sit there and will not leave    the circle borders. A researcher and cat owner David Derbyshire  investigated the claim, with th help of his old feline, which he calls “elderly, lazy cat”.

He reported it worked for couple of minutes, so many others across different social platform followed his steps running the test, their casts just sat there and refused to move away.

People all around the world took the challenge and tested their cats behavior, the results were astonishingly confirming the theory!


                            On the reasons behind this mysterious behavior Next !



Animal  behaviorists suggest the following arguments to explain the theory,

            Territory: Cats are territorial by nature, so they maybe refusing to move to show their dominance and ownership of the area.

Curiosity: Cats are naturally curious so if the owner is showing some interest towards a specific thing, Cats attention will be driven to it as well.

Security: Cats like to surveil the surroundings and stay updated about what is going on around them, a circle drawn with some depth gives them both the feeling of security and a good view  spot.

Cats are one of the loveliest and majestic creatures that we love them as much as you do, so if you find it interesting Test your cat and share the results with your friends and family!