Meek Mill Promises to Fight Back! afer his Freedom announced on Tuesday


Meek mill had prayed once he had been informed of his freedom pronounced in the news on tuesday, “I am on a daze it is unbelievable.” were his first words for the press.

He said thse words while he was  in haste to attain the Philadelphia 76ers playoff game accompaigned with his close friend, Micheal Rubin, who then flew him om his private helicopter into the arena.                                                                                                                                                                                   




Meek said he was so confident things will take this coursebut he was not sure about the time he would be free, he was afraid it could take mounths more.

During his time at the prison Meek was not permitted to contact his legal team, so he was not able to hear the good news from his supporters before those hours on tuesday.

Meek said at the moment he knew he found out about his freedom, 

“I was in my cell and I was watching the news, and they said I’m free. I immediately said a quick prayer, and got ready to go.”

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Concerning his conviction he admitted he is working to get it overturned, due to the false foundation of  the evidence against him, which was backed by an alleged corrupt cop, and to highlight some others responsibilities in what he believes to be injustice.

His greatest happiness will be to meet Papi, his 6 yrs old son, who had, in an act of adorance said to a reporter while protesting holding a sketch “Free Meek Mill”, “I miss my dad so much.”

Meek expressed,”I am going to watch the game with my son and my family tonight. I can’t wait to see my son, it’s his birthday on May 13 and he had been asking how we were going to celebrate. When I was in jail I couldn’t give him an answer, I didn’t know what to say to him, but now I’m going to be spending all this time with him.” as came in Pagesix report.                                                              Back Next


In a final word dedicated for his fans, he expresses huge grace and thanks to their unconditioned support. Promissing to fight for criminal justice system that holds innocent people from their essential right of freedom and being next to their families and beloved ones.