YouTuber Logan Paul Apologized after a video of a dead body put his own audience at risk


Logan Paul , The American entertainer is facing a wage of anger after a controversial death video filmed in Japan with his friends in the  Aokigahara
 (青木 ヶ 原) Suicide forest in the Mount of Fujiyama , where litterely poeple come there to put an end to their lives .

 The American Youtuber Logan Paul as shooting a video in the forest where he and his friends were making fun of a dead person , the person hanged himself of a tree while Logan burst out laughing after one of his friends said ‘ Have you ever stood next to a dead person ‘ ? , in the deleted video they were laughing and making jokes about dead corps which has launched an instant wage of anger and dislikes , so the forced apology came from Paul

 On his Twiter ,
While the number of dead people is still unknown to the Japanese  government