Cacao products for skin care : What do the specialists say .


The world of beauty products is witnessing a large use of chocolate beauty applications . chocolate has been the base for many peeling massage products promising a soft skin and fresh smell but do these products really have a beneficial   effects on the skin? 

Cocoa butter

Hans Ulrich Jabs  the German beauty specialist said the idea behind chocolate base beauty products considers the fact that chocolate contains a large range of nutritional compounds that in general have huge benefits on  health. The creamy butter base is another factor to make it very suitable for use in beauty products . 
Happiness Hormone

Ulrich Jabs  added chocolate contains ‘’Serotonin’’ which is actually the Happiness hormone, along with Phenylethilamine  with its exiting and stimulant effect , in addition to antioxidants and which fights free radicals causing cancer .
 Health clubs promoting Chocolate based beauty products as containing “Theobromine’’  which helps keep active and healthy  heart also Maya civilization  used cocoa butter as an ointment for wounds for fever breath troubles and heart issues .

The effects under doubt
The effects under doubt

In the other hand the skin diseases specialist Hans Mehfert has his doubts about chocolate beauty products effectiveness , eventhough cacao as any other butter can give the skin the soft and velvet touch the fact that chocolate cannot get through skin limits the care abilities of cacao creams . Cacao compounds cannot get through the skin and pass the skin defense wall and for efficacy it needs to get into deeper skin layers .
So for instant skin treatments  cacao beauty  products seems to be useful for a nice touch and fresh skin look but for long term treatments olive oil   products better for a total skin care