WhatsApp’s new HQ File-Share feature may put your privacy at risk


WhatsApp has launched a new update providing new features that could be beneficent and dangerous at the same time.
IPhone users now can use WhatsApp to share any type of file on android iOS or Web version . While the company has set limits to the file size 64MB for web version 100 MB for android version and 128MB trough iOS .

 The Share feature includes many interesting multimedia options like photos and  videos share for the original content with no need to compact it so it is good for users whom like to share high quality content though the files will not appear on the chat board but just as internal links .
The new options are really beneficent unless you should be more careful about security risks. 
Pirates may exploit this update to share malevolence files and viruses that could put your privacy and personal data at risk as long as WhatsApp let any one and not only your contacts to send you messages which increase the risk to receive malevolence  attacks however if it happened and you clicked on an affected link or downloaded a file you can protect  yourself right away activating an antivirus on your phone .