Data Apocalypse : What will happen if Google broke down for 30minutes ?


You wont encounter this often but if Google stops working i twill look like a virtual apocalypse

This really happened in January 2014 with a direct impact on Gmail platform  
Google announced the cause was an over data load on one of its data centers  which has produced a domino effect so the problem extended over  other data centers according to the BBC Spain .
Then jokes and sarcastic comments invaded the net among the 2000s generation totally independent to Google search engine the most popular in the world
 That was not the first time Google broke down the giant Technology knew other failures before in August  2013 all services including YouTube Drive Analytics were shut down .
This malfunction only lasted for 5 minutes from 15:50 to 15:50 Pacific Time and the losses were really huge : internet traffic fall of 40 and Google lost more than a Half million Dollars according to Danny Sullivan  research center in only 5 minutes !
What if Google Broke down lasted for 30minutes ?
Google Software Engineer Ashish Kedia said it is unlikely to happen but he will explain to us the consequences step by step :

What if the Service stopped ?

‘’ In the first minutes users will check their network data or call the network services other will check their devices before they make sure it is something bigger ! Google broke down ! ‘’ .
Ashish proceeds ‘’ even after making sure google broke down users will still not believe and try to refresh and refresh web pages it is true and screenshots will invade Facebook timelines’’
Kedia predicts users are going to look for alternative search engines but how the majority only know Yahoo and Bing which are going to know a huge pressure too . The problem will affect not only google search engine but also all applications using google and in 30 minutes the productivity will also be affected all  around the world the impact will be huge and the losses are unimaginable for google and the other companies .
 Also google is not serving internet only many drivers around the world are using Google navigation system Google Maps  and they will simply lose their way. But  Not in China where competitors will cheer Google temporary failure
What After the service is back again ?

The company will announce explanations and technical issues that had caused the malfunction while many will suppose it was a Hack attack . Many platforms will be full of questions such us ‘’ how can we Trust Google again? ‘’ ‘’ why did this happen?’’ ‘’is it true Google was hacked ? ‘’ many users are going to abandon google and look for more trust worthy alternatives .
Kedia added joking ”websites like BuzzFeed and Scoop Whoop are going to write about 10 things to do if Google broke down again but they will find this article and realize it happened before so it can happen anytime .