Burned Bones and Urine : This is how our ancestors brush their teeth


How did our ancestors brush their  teeth ?

Did it ever come to your mind that toothbrush we are using now had been used since ages in a very similar way like we do ! in this report we will show you how was our ancestor  care of teeth and  if  the bright weight was an advertising material as today !

The first toothpaste was discovered the Egyptians and developed by the Chinese  
Before inventing the tooth brush ancient civilizations invented ways to clean their teeth and maintain them strong  and healthy !
IN GREECE where they had a varied nutrition system based  on fish and vegetables along with meat and lactic products so their teeth were so strong and healthy due to the  variety of minerals they have and to keep that advantage they use salt   to get rid of food lasts also tissue and water only .

EGYPTIANS too put much effort to keep their  teeth white and attractive they are the first who had invented a toothpaste before even there was a tooth brush the oldest recipe was found In papyrus in the national library in Vienna made from Rock salt paper grains and lily  flowers and mint . Moreover thanks to commercial trips the recipe arrived to China in the 500BC .
Eggshells  and burned animals bones  and ashes were added to the paste to help brushing using the fingers and to and  tea and jenseng and mint a nice flavor .

In Rome they used the weirdest thing I could never imagined ‘’Urine” as  a bath for the mouth in the early morning ! well the reason is the Ammonia component in urine ; as indicated in history books rich class women ordered urine from Portugal
The Idea of tooth brush started in Egypt e too 3000BC the  tips is crunshing   the hedges of bushes very well so the fibers will form a good brush ; they found  a lot buried with their owners in the old 46566 in Egypt .

In China a devlopped version of tooth brush was made from horses tail and pig hair until 1938 when the first nylon brush was produced by the American company “” Do Pont’’ . And still the composition of toothpaste nowadays is similar to what it was before 5000years ago but less healthy ; except of urine lol 🙂