Facebook can spy using your camera to record your face impressions


Facebook is considering secretly  spying on its users by the phone camera and recording their face motions according to a new patented .
The document shows how the Facebook company use the technology of recognizing   figures so while the user is surfing different contents on facebook this technology  records  his face impressions then this data will be analyzed later to determine the user’s feelings when seeing those different subjects on the timeline and invest the conclusions to ameliorate the user’s experience and make him stay longer on facebook .

For example if you smile looking at a photo of one of your friends facebook algorithms  will record your impression and invest it to broadcast more of photos of that friend in your newsfeed ; in another example of this patented ; when you move your eyes away of the screen while a video of a dancing cat is on the algorithm will consider that as a negative impression so facebook will show less videos of that kind on your news feed .

The document has shown more concerns about the company that had been revealed that facebook has manipulated in 2014 hundreds of thousands of users newsfeed as a part of an experience to determine if they can control users feelings . The company confessed later that ti did not communicate well with its users about the reasons or the ways facebook manipulated the newsfeed .
Last year a photo of Mark Zuckerberg  covering the camera and the phone with a tape made the audience curious about the reason but till now facebook has not set an execution plan and there is nothing to confirm it will do that anytime soon .

The patented gave more details about a new messaging app able to observe the way of using the keyboard and the intensity of the clicks to use the data in purpose to determine the user’s feelings .