Instagram may make you hate your self ; According to the Latest pyschology researchs


Along with FB  Snapchat and Instgram can lead you to Depression

Do you know you may be depressed after using social media ? new research proved  using social media and especially instagram and snapchat cause personal damage on their users personality .
The survey  made by  at The Royal General Health Community in United Kingdom that social Media – the list – that  contain Facebook and Twitter cause psycho problem and increase the feeling of loneliness  worry and depressions and slef low esteem and make you hate yourself.
Instagram is on top of the list according to negative impact on its users . Instagram got 7 negative ratings of 14 in the survey : concerning sleep problems body shape social interactions and others reactions to posts . Snapchat came Second on the list .
The researches have proposed that the reason is due to the feeling that other are enjoying their time going to amazing places and participate in exciting activities while you re laying in the couch alone or have to deal with your demanding boss .  The result will be intensify the negative feelings and lost in comparison circles ignoring the fact those people may be dedicating half day preparing to take these photos and videos with tones of effects and filters and that in reality they are not so different to you
The impact understood large sectors in between  we find politicians doctors and charity activists accorfing the The Next Web website .
 Youtube is excluded of the black list it got positive rating in 9 out of 14 health criteria in the study  . except the sleep effect Youtube was rated positively as it contributes to awareness and emotional support and self expression .