6 Tips to not forget what you read

Tips to not forget what you read

They say to forget is a blessing sometimes but you would like to put it aside as a reader when you spend  some good time reading different books and content  you de like to add it to your knowledge and invest it in your life .
Before highlighting some tips to help you memorize knowledge from your free reading be sure that forgetting books content is really common so don’t worry your not the only one and that’s why I am writing this right now .
To memorize important texts to you :
Read with interest :
We are always interested in what we like so why don’t we give the same interest to reading as much as we like that ?  the existence of an internal will to read is enough to generate a big interest , read when you are in a good mood and dedicate a suitable time and stay away of any distraction devices , tv computer and yes your smartphone too then you can improve your focusing or simply don’t read that will let a negative impression in your brain so you may not be encouraged to read again .
Take notes
I guess this is the first thing that came to your mind when you read the title of this article , moreover this is really an important tip , even it is copying quotes or write down your personal experience both are great so you can read your notes  from time to time ,
Notes will be windows to what you have read and will help you form a complete image of the content every time you revise them  .
Discuss with ther readers

Discuss with ther readers

You can benefit from internet plateforms to exchange impressions and opinions about books this subjective discussion and others remarks will highlight some areas you have not noticed and create extra links in  your memory .  Also discuss the book will  make you understand it better and we rarely foget what we really understand .
Read in conitenuous period
Long periods between treading session are not effective at all you  better read regularly until you complete a book and move to another one , or you will find your self at the end of a book totally forgetting the beginning .
Choosean interesting subject for you

One of the advices for readers is to choose compatible subjects with their cultural or scientific background you cannot read a book about physics while you only have knowledge about the name of the field  .Try to start with the basics and move onto more complicated subjects .
Expend your knowledge
You may encounter some information you did not know before or place names or events , searching  0these new information along with reading will expend your knowledge and of course will creat an experience linked in your memory to the book and that’s how you will remember the content very well .