How could Wearing comfortable clothes make you Happier ?

Are you happy with your life? And how many person of your friends or family you know is happy with his life ?

You may not find a secret portion of happiness but it still you can find habits that may turn your life easier and make you motivated to go to work and spread enthusiasm  in your area and colleagues . we invite you to discover this daily habits you can try and feel the difference:

Don’t over think :

If you are about a new personal project you should avoid fear or asking to many questions that may have a negative impact on your mind
Siliverback Social head said that he was not thinking that his project will grow and know success simply because he started doing something without worrying about its destiny

Wear comfortable clothes ;

This may look strange but it is really important to be comfortable in the clothes you wear . Studies proved that the clothes you wear tight or wide clothing may affect your productivity at work .

Meditation Moments :

Give your self meditation moments during your day to think deeply in things , the aim is to empoxwer the concentration and the feeling of happiness 

Use Standing desks :

The good part =here is you don’t have to stay sitting the all day and change your body state and minde as well .
Standing desks allow you to do several tasks at one time .

Turn off the electronic devices for sometime :

In this digital era it is likely to be away of electronic devices for sometime
Being away of your smartphone for a while will give you time to participate in goo social ineractions .

Wake up early :

Early get up has many health benefits but the other important aspect is you have total control on you day schedule and you will never be a step behind .

Read More :

Reading improves the mind and helps solving problems regarding multi angles and develop life concepts .

Change your living place once at least :

Living in another place helps you friction a new environment  and moving to another country will be a typical change in your life exploring a new culture and growing new experience .

Write :

Writing is a strong way to share your ideas with others especially that publishing today is available for everyone on internet platforms .

Modesty :

Modesty is an important step to feel glad about what you have and go on your way chasing more without adding pressure to your way trying to tease or minimize or disrespect others on your way attitudes that may make your life miserable .