Find out what your Facbook Photo tells about You

Do you care about hat others think about your profile photo on FB ?
I f it is so then maybe wrong just taking a photo and post it as your profile photo .
According to a new research the profile  photo plays a big role infecting others attitude towards you it does not only show your beautiful details you want to show but also gives impressions to others about your personality .
A team of researchers at University of Pennsylvania found after looking at and analyzing more than 66 thousands profiles that profile photos play an important role in how others may see you !
The researchers classed those photos into 4 main categories : The Gangster personality , Acceptable Personality , Aware personality and finally an open adventurous personality !
So what type you think you belong to :
These are Photos will help you know :
Gangster Personality:

Acceptable personality :

Aware personality :

Adventurous :