Why does Mickey Mouse have 4 Fingers only ?


Why does Mickey  Mouse And The other Famous Anime characters  has 4 Fingers only?
The Cartoons Fans maybe had noticed  their favorite anime characters have only four fingers?
Maybe they used those that but never wondered why ? Well that was the subject of an article in the American website Rafinery29  .  According to Rfinery29 : The American entertainment website A.V.Club explained that the reason refers to the early beginnings of cartoons when the editors where drawing their characters by hand so designing their cartoon personalities with only 4 will save both time and money .
These was not common for all the characters for example Disney princesses and other human characters had 5 fingers so it were more realistic (except of those wide eyes ) .
And for other Disney characters like Mickey Mouse the editors were designed according to  circular patterns and drawing the hands with only 4 fingers saved that circular pattern , That’s what Walt Disney in person declared that drawing Mickey ‘s hand with 5 fingers will make it look like bananas .
Another good reason according to Refinery29 to make characters like Winey Poo and dragon Mushu without human hands indicates their not humans .
Disney was not the only company who did that another anime characters such as The Simpsons Looney Tunes Sponge Bob  appeared with 4 fingers only . The reason for this is to not break the audience imagination by too much realistic signs .