4 unexpected ways to wake up before inventing Alarms ?


How Did people wake up before inventing the Alarm ?
People’s style of life maybe different from one to another but the common hard thing all people agree with is ‘’Wake up early the Morning’’  . Who have ever tell you he enjoyed that alarm call every morning to start his active and happy day ? no one of course Alarms are listed between the most hated things in life . But keeping it near your bed is a must , and now it is not difficult to find one when every electronic device smartphones you can set the time of the alarm personalize your favorite tone features made it available for ever one , but the question is what were the alternatives before inventing the alarm ?
The Alarm was invented in 1787 before that people had work jobs and responsibilities of course and to wake up the morning was a must too then Thus it was many exciting ways to discover about how people used to Wake up before inventing the Alarm

This was one of the clever ideas o control sleep period old warriors in two Americans counted on there bladder  as an alarm so they did experiments to relate the quantity of water drunk and the period it takes to transform to urine and then an insisting need to let it out . Repetitions allowed them to form a strong references to control the wake up time and that spread in between the common classes not only soldiers .
Kindle Alarm
Another practical Idea was to place nails in a kindle then put it in a metal container in order to provoke noise when the kindles start melting the nails start to fall and make the noise enough to wake you up , if you won’t hear the first you were here the second or the fourth will definitely do .
Factories and churches bells 
Before it was hard to miss the church prayer time or the factories alarms especially for houses near churches and factories this Idea was reputable during the industrial revolution in Europe .
The Knocker
Even though the first Alarm saw light in 1787 it was expensive for workers class whom earn few money to have it so the need for someone called ‘’The knocker’’
The Knocker was paid to knock at people’s windows the morning until they wake up and sometimes reach higher windows using a long stick  or maybe throw beans to make enough noise for his clients . this was  a manifestation of the industrial revolution when a lot of workers committed to a job they need to attain every morning , here a funny question comes to our minds ?  who wakes the Knocker up ? well he’s another knocker of course and that time it was a funny quote I n England says ‘’ if the knocker did not wake our knocker then our knocker won’t knock !

This article was translated and edited from the Arabic web site ‘the huffpostarabi.com.