SkyGuru : The Perfect solution Solution for Aviophobics


If you are struggling with AvioPhobia  SkyGuru Application will be helpful for you   

If you are one of those people  who fear riding airplanes known as AvioPhobia  this is good news for you , a new application SkyGuru allows travelers to check the airplane state during theflight  and answer their exclamations about anything they find weird either it is a noise or a material or a disequilibrium anything suspicious for the travelers could be explained for them , Sky Guru can analyze and give According to the Spanish magazine 20Minutos The application work without internet connection  you can enter details about the flight  and the application’s sensors like the microphone which will detect the source of the noise while the GPS system allows to calculate acceleration speed and position generally the application can analyze more than 900 case .
The application is only compatible with iOs some technical problems made it incompatible with android systems .

This Application will cost you 19.99 € and you will have to  buy ‘’flights’’ each flight can cost you more than 3.99€ in order to benefit of all the details about the flight ..