Emotional Quotient “EQ”: Curse or a Blessing


Emotional Quotient Curse or a Blessing ?
The Emotional Quotient is when the person have the ability to understand his emotions and personal feelings and control it within situations and to understand other’s feeling to influence their decisions .
So the Emotional Quotient or EQ was considered a vital factor for success in life even more important than the Intelligence Quotient IQ  because it is related with capabilities to deal with advertises resolve conflicts and express feelings along with adapting to different social situations when it can be exploited to motivate and encourage cooperation .
EQ was source of inspiration in a lot of important stations in history when leaders used EQ to influence their audience and supporters so EQ was always related to Leadership skills in both social and professional life so that made it a subject of researches in many universities around the world for a long period . Scientist thought for a long time that understanding other’s feelings from anger to surprise is a perfect key to communicate with them and have a big impact on their perspectives towards you though new studies revealed some negative consequences of this talent ‘’ spying on other’s feelings’’ such as over nervousness which represented a revolution on the common thinking that it is a blessing .
The Dark Sideabout EQ is its neutrality so it could be used in both direction positive and negative purposes once it is used for personal benefits it could be a deadly weapon to social and personal relationships when the person can draw any character he wants in the minds of others to manipulate them , latest studies in Toronto University have shown surprising results about the most employees causing emotional or material damage on their mates were those with elevated level of EQ .

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