Sacred Sex : Relationship between Man and Women in Hindu Cults

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Sacred Sex : The Relationship between man and women in Hindu Cult 
This topic can be exploited today in many ways we can say marketing factory using the stereotypical image of the woman as source of attraction  in a way it become more like material while in some cultures sex has different spiritual depth like the Hindu where sex is sacred .
The cult of the (Sacred Sex) roots back to the (Fertility Cults)  very  known and spread   in the ancient ages when Fertility was sacred in existence and other aspects of  life and seeing universe as a mechanism of pregnancy and birth and that was the reason to consider the God as feminine : the God who gives birth to the universe like the mother gives birth to a baby , the reflection of this cult on the Family institution was really clear on considering the mother the pillar of society and the head of the family thus that era was called ‘’the motherhood Goddess”     
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Moreover sacred sexual orgasms so they became sacred symbols was due to their direct link to the case of ‘’ birth and breeding ‘’ not only that biological factor that leaded to that conception but also the presence of Love the reason why men and women share that sexual pleasure and provoke  a stable family system and a stable  society  as a result .
This concept was later developed in India sex was regarded as the highest goddess manifestation – the union of the man and the woman- While Goddess was united with the nature.
In Hindu the Sex ritual is named (Maithuna) the male orgasm ‘’ Linga’’ and the female orgasm ‘’ Yoni’’ and it is still sacred in our days in some Hindu ideologies such as ‘’Tantra’’ .
Hindus  consider ‘’ Maithuna’’ a stage step in the way to Nirvana – and that’s the complete freedom and final breakdown of the material world so and always according to Hindus in the one’s way to Illumination and perfection has abandon Sex like the baby abandons his mother’s milk  . This process is completely voluntary in peace and calm: have sex as long as you feel you need it and do that while believing that’s a sacred act and aim to reach a highest sacred level.
Tantra claims any other actions degrading the sacred value of sex as actions leading to Hell and that’s a common point with other religions .

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