hater : Dating Application Based on the Common ”Hate” !

We hate the same things ! so let’s date !
Go in your first date and starting your conversation with what is the worst time of the year? Seems weird though this is the Idea which has leaded the comedian Brendan Alper  to launch an application based on the common hatred . The American Brendon quitted his job in financial services and headed to writing comedy and then dedicated his time to create this application .
Brendan idea was mainly inspired from a joke indicating people are more  ready to be unified around hatred than love or respect as says  the Russian letterer Antoine Chekov ‘’ Love and friendship and respect do not unify people as hatred does ‘’ thus Brendan wanted  to realize that idea and create a dating application  literally based on the common hatred of things after admitting himself hates some life things such as winter  traffic crowed and tying his shoes . First Alper worked around 70 hours a week searching and planning to reinforce his Idea and he has found psychological and social   researches  about the real power behind the common hatred and how it can unify people and create strong union between those people aiming to destroy someone or achieving negative perspectives , Actually hatred has bigger ability to gather people than love may do .
The idea is quite weird and the advertising were not less weird in one of Apple’s stores in New York city a large picture of the Russian president Vladimir Putin  flirting with the American president Donald Trump while he was pregnant with a sentence ‘’Love through Hatred’’ .
Love Through Hate
How does it work ?
 When you register on the app you get a list of questions  about things persons or actions so you can reach people whom hate the same things so it encourages its users to meet people sharing hatred through  variety of more than 3000 different subjects even though racism and offensive expressions are banned of the application . More than 200.000 users in the United States and it is now the first dating application in Germany while the office of the application is located in Brendan’s house in New York along with 5 employees .
This application is only available for now on IOS and you have to sign In by your Facebook account which was considered a disadvantage when many people complained about not having a Facebook account . Though a lot of persons found the Idea interesting and an occasion to try new things on the network dating platforms .