9 Different Uses of Toothpaste Will Save You

9 Effective  uses of toothpaste :
 Toothpaste as everybody know is used to bleach teeth and get a fresh breath but there are other people who reached some cool and useful exploits  of the toothpaste that have proved its efficiency and gave surprisingly positive results and here are 10 of most unusual uses of toothpaste you can try at your home :

1 Clean Smelly Hands 


Have you ever cut onions or garlic or even try to prepare some fish and you face real difficulties after that cleaning that strong smell out of your hands ?  Well toothpaste not only helps you have fresh breath but also helps cleaning that strong stink hands smell just take little toothpaste and in your inside hand and between the fingers and then wash it , it works faster and better than any soap or cleaning products .

2 Clean jewelries 

This use is really spread and know between a lot of people so instead of taking your jewelries in to shops to clean them for a high amount of money you can just use little toothpaste to brush your jewelries you wash the piece and then you dray it and you will see huge difference .
3 Pen Marks off the wall 


You spend a lot of money to paint your house walls with your favorite color and then you go back to find your wild naughty child colored your walls with random lines and nonsense writings so you feel helpless . Toothpaste will be helpful for you take a little piece of sponge and put little toothpaste on it and start cleaning those marks and they will disappear easily .
4 Clean the sun glasses 



After the frequent use of sports glasses casks the glass become dirty and confusing and water only is not so effective to clean that glasses ,Toothpaste and it is brushing body helps clean all the dirt stick on the glasses little toothpaste to clean for few minutes  and then wash it off and dray it to get final clean and bright new glasses .

5 Nails care 


Teeth and nails are constituted of almost the same constituents so clean your nails once a day will give good result for clean and strong nails . It may seem funny to use the toothbrush for the nails though it is so effective for satisfying result.

6 Cleaning Baby Bottles 


Baby milk is tends to expire fast and that may leave an unwanted smell in baby bottles and it is important to keep those bottles clean all the time soap or other cleaning products are not so effective however Toothpaste will save the situation and keep baby bottles clean and fresh smelling and no worries about toothpaste residues they don’t have any harmful consequences on health of your babies though you should wash the bottle enough.
7 Clean soda circles  of Tables


After leaving cold drinks and soda bottles directly on the tables which let circles marks difficult to clean off the wood so you will not like your elegant wood table to stay look that way, that will be easier using a toothbrush and toothpaste for the most difficult traces you need some extra brushing and your table will be clean again.

8 Cleaning carpet’s marks


Toothpaste is the perfect solution for carpets unwanted marks that ruin your living room look. Take the toothpaste from your bathroom and watch the impossible traces go away easily.

9 Cleaning your bathroom mirror


Bathroom mirror if you do not clean it daily traces will accumulate there and become difficult to clean and the solution is at the reach of your hand take the tooth paste in some cotton and you will get off all that dirt and dust of your mirror .