10 Seconds with no Oxygen ! Bad News for Adrenaline Lovers



With no Oxygen 10 seconds ! let’s first assume you will stay alive so what is next ?



Holiday in Hawaii ? well bad news for summer lovers if you are  at the beach that moment you are going to get sun burns because what protects you from bad ultraviolet rays is the ozone layer in the atmosphere  and ozone is simply O3 three oxygen  .

Okey maybe going to Hawaii was a bad choice so you will think about taking the next plane to Siberia try a huskies trip sounds cool if the plane won’t fall into the ocean because the engine stooped  when there is no combustion with no oxygen . 
And in case – the engine works because of the hot air  in those 10  seconds the turbine  metal parts will stick together In fact it is a thin oxygen layer that bans the metals to stick when getting in touch  

 So getting back home hiding from the sun will be good choice If you can  find a House walls however cement cohesion is granted by adding oxygen So every cement material will turn to dust . And forget about songs ” your love is my oxygen ” adding Love in place of oxygen there will not work of course . 


Moreover you can’t even listen to that song anymore when  21% of the atmosphere pressure will disappear your ears will be damaged due to the pressure disequilibrium don’t get upset you still can see the news about the traffic disaster caused by the instant stop of 1.5 billion cars around the world ! 



In 10 seconds you won’t die don’t worry so there is no exciting  part here for our enemies watching us from the dark side of the moon 
Until they know there is going to be fireworks in the air when the will suddenly disappear oceans will turn from H2O to H2 that is a gas and yes it is flammable so when oxygen will be back again fire will and Boom unfortunately Adrenaline lovers like me can’t enjoy the view while exploding in space