Why Do We Sleep ?


Why do we sleep ? we still don’t know 

Sleeping had been a mystery for centuries, in the last few decades some interesting facts have been discovered by some modern researches based on new technologies to analyze the brain activities 


Deprivation of sleep a way of torture 

Deprivation of sleep is used as a hard torture manner that may lead the one loose his mind because sleep is a natural need to stay alive  deprivation of sleep still a famous method or better say a weapon used in interrogations for some governments as called ‘’ sleep administration’’ .
The USA law allows this method while interrogation  so the suspects will stay for a period that does not exceed 7 days with no sleep  this can be accomplished by making some noise or attached the prisoners by chains which makes sleeping quite impossible for them  this method is used to   have impact on the person’s mind and personality . that makes him more ready to confess  but the law condition is to be under a medical assess . 

 A lot of non-governmental organizations appeal for  the cancellation of this law  considered a violation of  the United Nations agreement on the torture opposition signed in 1975 ,’’ the protection of all humans from torture or any way of severe punishment non-humanitarian or despised ‘’    and it is obvious that long deprivation of sleep is against these conditions  .

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Lack of sleep has accumulating effects 


Scientific evidences indicate the average period of sleep for young persons is about 7  hours however  the majority of people our days have  -sleep disorder –  this disorder may cause the contagious sleep disorder  so it will be an accumulating sleep debt for the individual and even a comfort weekend will not be enough to recompense all week bad and disordered sleeping . and also sleeping for longer time later could not be that effective .
Lack of sleep cause a digestion problems , affects negatively  our reactions and memory and mental capabilities as it affects our immunity system and the result is a disturbed daily activities .

  Why do we sleep ? We do not know !


Even though this question seems very simple scientist have not a clear answer yet ! and researcher are not capable to give a complete explanation of this natural act  some researches reveal sleep helps the body renew cellules and guard energy , as reinforce memory and learning ability , while other experiments on animals did not show a real differences  between  their brain activity during sleep and wake time


There is  75 kind of sleep problems :

Statistics indicate each individual has at least one kind of sleep problems , insomnia is the most reputed problem , and it is when the one cannot sleep for enough periods , or breathing problems during sleep , over sleeping also is a common problem , and the main reasons are either psychological or physical , that had been formed because of bad sleeping habits
 Sleep advises ;
For healthy sleeping , specialists advice you a lot of a habits that will make you sleep better to start your day the best way ;
·         Try to go to bed and wake up the same time every day

·         Don’t spend too much time in your bedroom and let it for sleep only and sexual activities only

·         Have a warm shower or a drink with no caffeine

·         Turn off your laptop tv , keep your phone away half hour before you sleep

·         Do not let anyone wake you up in an inappropriate way like shaking you strongly or screaming near you or terrifying you

·         Don’t go to bed hungry or filled

·         Don’t drink caffeine drinks  during the evening or alcohol to sleep .


    Dreams were a source of  inspiration


History is full of citations about scientist and inventors who had reached their major achievement after some signs while dreaming, Otto Loewi received noble price about nervous chemical transport , Frederic August on determining Benzene cyclic structure ,… and much more examples about dreams inspiration … personally I had dreamed about an equation solution when I was in college . .. so if you think sleeping is a waste f time think again 😉




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