”Think And Grow Rich ” One of The Best Selling Books Of All Time And These Are The 10 Enemies of Success Within Napoleon Hill


Thomas Edison , Theodore Roosevelt, Henry Ford and more than 500 self-made millionaires were subject of  20 years studies which have  leaded Napoleon Hill to produce his amazing book “ Think And Grow Rich ‘’  

his book indicates nothing about money numbers economic affairs or shares  Though his manner is based on the psychological  reasons that represent an obstacle on each other’s way  for his own success .  In this post we will cite the major reasons that may hold you from achieving your own fortune mentioned in Hill’s book :


1 No clear goals 

Each one of us has  energy and competences has actually his own time and with no clear view on some major goals he wants to achieve  that time and energy will just be lost and you cannot take it back because simply  you don’t know where does your effort go !  And as Hill said ‘’ there is no hope to success for someone does not have a main objective he aim to ‘’ , so if you want a fortune start saving a specific amount and determine exactly where do you want your money to proceed . 

2 Lack of Ambition 

 Ambition is a vital factor to stay focusing and determined all the way and never lose sight on your goal  because you will always look forward to improve and stay above the average . Fortune  does not  appear fortune is gained and accumulated step by step  you have to work hard for it . you have to be obsessed by the Idea if you want to make it real today I am good tomorrow I have to be better . 

3  keep learning and gain more expertise 

 To make a fortune you have to learn and enrich your knowledge to be able to deal with upcoming issues you will definitely face moreover  and the traditional way to convince others to adopt your vision is to know more than they do however  that is not enough you have to keep learning because  knowledge is a potential energy when you don’t invest it to gain more expertise it will remain there . Also the common thing in all rich people as Hill says , they are all hungry for reading and learning .

 4 No self-commitment 

 Control and full mastery on the one’s self Hill thinks that commitment is  a result of controlling the one’s self and desires  to control the negative characteristics and prevent sliding wheres you don’t wish to be so  before you control conditions control your self first  and beat your crazy unreasonable desires before they beat you . When it comes to fortune and money  the most important rule is to spend less and save more .

  5 Giving excuses 

To be the best you must never give excuses In fact ,you were aware of all the circumstances when you decided to do something  so it is clear that giving excuses is just an attempt to do nothing and obey nature laws to relax sleep after eating because you don’t know when your first meal is going to be , and is this efficient in our era ? of course not According to Hill  don’t wait for the right moment because there will never be a right moment  , start working from the point you have stopped at use the available tools and you will find better one’s while moving forward 

6   Stamina

 Do not stop before you get what you want , the most successful people know how to deal with failure and make the best of it , Hill thinks most of people are good starters but terrible finishers 


7 Decisiveness 

 One of the main results of hill’s study was Decisiveness and determination .  A common point to all millionaires was the ability to make some major and important decisions and most of time quick decisions with no hesitate . also this is in fact a similar characteristic in all leaders so they believe making a bad decisions is better than not making any by the end of the day

8 Fear of Risk



 Does anyone know the result of his actions before he attempt to do something ? no so how will he reach a goal with no risk , concerning this point , Hill thinks being too careful is at the same worse than being not careful at all , so invest your resources wisely . 

9 working with the wrong group 

Well this is a completely waste of time and energy , a bad negative group and non-productive relationships are a black hole for ambitious  people , so just stay away from that .  Hill believes working in a job you don’t love is not good for your career ,  to be the person you want to be you have to do what you love to give 100 percent and focus on improving your competences instead of considering that job your only opportunity in life . 

10 Quick Richness 

If there is a dangerous  ENEMY of success so it is going to be Quick Success . Quick success chasers actually will only care about that point of success  they will run after a point as fast as they can so they will miss all the way . Hill concluded the will to get something and give nothing is actually the shortest way to failure  he strengthens his point of view giving the example of Wall street break down in 1929   when millions of people gambled on the shares . 

Be Patient Be Confident and Be determined have a Plan and Get Rich