Full-Time Job Can Really Help You Start Your Personal Project

Start a successful investing project without quit your job  


We live in a world of unlimited opportunities  each day we hair about self-made millionaires who made their way through some innovative works and achievements benefiting from the wide opportunities the web offers , from web developers to marketers and information security agents , those brilliant people have started their way thinking out side the main stream who feels only secure with traditional jobs opportunities .

According to report published on the business magazine  Business Insider by the Business man Ryan Robinson many freelancers  today work by themselves to develop their small projects to their market value attain millions later . 

Robinson reinforce his point of view by the study made by Bentley University indicates more than 66 % of American people between the ages of 18 and 34 have shown their will to found their own free business , while in 2013 freelancers under 30 percentage were less than 3.7% .
 Nowadays , you can reach knowledge anywhere by a simple click , web platforms such as Creativelife  or skillshare made reaching free courses easy and available for every one .

Robinson is an example of the insisting and enthusiastic freelancer who have founded 4 successful companies while working in a fulltime  job the start was not easy of course he failed at is first try but shared with us three of the main reasons people fail starting their own business :
Lack of self-confidence comes first
No available resources
And the most important according to him is the absence of motivation.
Robinson ‘s point of view about starting  a business while working in full time job is based on some realistic facts : it may seems difficult but keep working in full time job will guarantee you a stable salary to invest it in your new project so less pressure .
Here are 10 steps Robinson shares to found your own business alongside your current job :

Determine your commitments 

This means plan your actions and tasks you aim to accomplish by the end of the week this may generate you some social issues but you have to inform the people around you that you will be busy to focus on a personal project so you will stay less distract if you put your cellphone on airplane mode .

Cite your Strength points 

What are the skills required by your new project ?

Well a clear view about your project requirements is necessary to move in steady and well determined steps , so you have to make some important decisions about learning new skills or search some people to cooperate with you so you benefit of their specific skills  .

Ideas Updating  

My Idea is new and amazing That’s the human’s nature to interact with any new well expressed idea but in business things are bit different you should base your goals on real accumulated market experience to see what do your niche really need and satisfy them because you supposed to sell them something they need so pursue your project step by step and stay close to your costumers and ask them , Jason Fred the founder of Basecamp company   says about the subject ‘’the only important answer is spending dollars In fact people answer when they pay for something and it is the only answer to care about ‘’ so keep a permanent eye on people’s feedback .

Create value and competitive advantage  

Don’t just satisfy the market’s need but do that in a way that in a specific way that will make you distinct and unique  This will lead to get more costumers and can be achieved by the advertise the price or the sell procedures the strategic relations or any other face of your business that you can make it special and unique and comfortable as well .

Set clear subjective and realistic goals

Robinson thinks knowing exactly where you want  your ways to lead you is very important , set short term goals will allow you to not lose sight on your mains goals  so set reasonable time budget for your goals and separate it to small periods and work to realize lists of small tasks .

Starting Plan and after 

Robinson thinks you have to draw a plan about how to move from point A to B and then C to have a clear future view about your way to be flexible and ready for any unexpected changes or conditions , your ability to solve problems depends on how difficult was your journey and how you deal with hurdles  will define the success of your project  So you will not feel lost because you already have a future region and alternatives .

No one can make your company like you cannot make your company by yourself 

Cooperate with skillful people in different domains you need to advance on your project learning new  skills such as computing or website designing may take you few months  otherwise you can work with people with enough knowledge and experience and advance in your project .

Look for serious reliable feedback

Consumers opinions and reactions matter so to build a helpful and useful service for your costumers consult some of your friends or cooperating business experts so they can help you by their constructive feedback , websites such as Producthunt are available for the same purpose .

 Keep the limits between the project and your job 

n Robinson’s point of view making an updated form of your current job maybe so encouraging but this can be a violation of your job contract and do not benefit of any of your current company resources like computers programs a subscriptions or bank account before you consult your lawyer to clarify that .

Don’t leave your job before you reach a good 

Market value 

Adopt an idea and commit to it invest all your time and energy for that is definitely an efficient think to do according to Robinson but without founding a high growing company or to not be able to finance it independently of your salary you get from your job  it is better to keep your job , this could be an implication of the idea ‘’ walk slow but steady on your way to success , moving slow and small steps forward is better than staying at your place


These were the Main Ideas according to Robinson , you can of course explore more about the subject and read about examples of successful entrepreneurs to make your own plan for success .


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