First Smartwatch For Visually Impaired People : Inspirational



There are over 250 million visually impaired people around the world . Following  Braille path   some companies  have been trying to develop useful devices to facilitate their lives and make communication ways such us messenger, Maps .. more easier . So they can be any time in contact with their dears and friends .

Dot the south Korean company has been investing energy during the last 3 years to produce the world’s first Braille Smartwatch .

The Dot Smartwatch connects to the smartphone via Bluetooth .  animated with 4 dynamic cells  the Smartwatch displays messages form any apps on the phone also the users can compose messages and send them using the buttons on the side  . The importance of this digital tool compared to the previous headphones appears clearly  if we start from the fact the sound is a way to help visually impaired people to communicate with the surrounding environment  So the attach of headphones could be no more practical  Or for privacy concerns .



About 5% of  the visually impaired people own a digital device due to the high cost , the Dot Smartwatch  will start distribution to some 140.000 backers , 1000 units will be sold for 320$ starting March 2017.