Confidence Is A Choice :10 Habits Confident People Do

Being confident is a Choice !

They do not hide their weaknesses do not wait for your compliments and other things confident people do .
At the opposite of those who show up they are confident to hide their weakness points ,confident people have a really unique look . and sure they always beat those who are suspicious and not stable about their personality and abilities , because they are capable of accomplishing things and inspiring others .
‘’if you think that you can or can’t  you are right “ ,this quote expresses  one of the famous concepts by Henry Ford  ;  the main idea is about the strong influence of the mind on the one’s aptitude for success . That was confirmed by one of the latest researches at  Melbourne University proved that confident people always get the higher salaries and faster promotion  compared to others.

In fact  confident people have always a big influence on their environment   and that comes from their capability  to make important influence on themselves first

Confident people are  Creative 
They invent new ways to deal with the unexpected  they push themselves farther to explore new possibilities and further to develop their skills and potentials . To achieve bigger and more important things in life.  And behind all that there is a daily routine and well selected habits  so every day there is an amazing work they do behind scenes . And while a lot of changes in the common people’s life  confident people sustain healthy positive habits  .
Here is an example of their habits :
       They are certain of what they say
It is rare when you here a confident person use expressions such us “ I am not sure” , “ I guess ..’’ , confident people always says what they re sure of because they know how difficult is to discuss an Idea they are not convinced with at the first place .
        They look for small victories
Confident people are usually competitive they always challenge themselves and look for small wins even if they are small and cost them a lot of effort and energy .
Small victories motivate them and push them to chase other short term goals a string of small successes make them attached to their main goals all the time .
      They Practice Sport 
Also people who practice sport two time a week at least feel more capable on the different sides of their lives professional social or personal . Sports helps the brain releasing motivation hormones such as Endorphin testosterone and that makes actually the one  enjoy stress
       They don’t Look for your attention 
Confident people know that focusing on themselves is much more important than trying to prove their importance to others . The last thing they aim for is care  and their good statements what brings good people for productive interactions and not who or how many people they know .
And when they are receiving congratulations they instantly take it as opportunity to thank those who helped them all the way because their confidence is coming from the inside
      They don’t judge 
Confident people do not judge others  because they know each one has something to offer and they don’t need to depreciate others to appear strong .
So they do not waste their time classifying people or comparing themselves to anyone they meet.
       They reach internal happiness
Internal happiness and peace of mind are defining factors for self-confidence , to be confidence about what you do you must be satisfied about yourself 
Confident people take that feeling of comfort from their achievements in life .
      Listen Before Talking 
Confident people listen more than they talk because they do not feel like they have something to prove . Listen carefully is a way to grow and develop the one’s knowledge and they are aware of this fact .
We always find them focusing on their personalities instead of looking to prove their value to others ,because they know that’s the best way to improve and become an idol for those around them .
    They take risks 
If they got a chance they know how to benefit of t because they already have a concept and know what they are looking for  – they know there is no success without a try  so they never fear to try and take risks .
        They admit when they mistake 
    Self-confidence means you never be afraid to fail or to do something wrong – they defend the ideas they’re convinced with and to learn you have to do mistakes and accumulate your experience to invest it later in your way
They celebrate other’s success 
Those who lack confidence have always doubts on their importance so they find criticizing others is a way to steal the lights  although confident people less worried about their value and self-esteem  because they get their energy from the inside  moreover  instead of worrying and negative perspectives towards society they choose to see others achievements and as a natural way they will encourage them and take it as a motivation to go chase success
Building self-confidence is a journey  begins with a choice  and shaped with habits – take care of your habits and be sure they will take care of you .

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