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Smart is Sexy 


Nowadays we hear about many new sexual orientations , homosexuality between guys or girls , transgender , bisexuals , feet obsessed or red hair color , but can the person’s intelligence and his ability to moot a discussion with you generate a sexual drive towards him ?
Well  the answer is simply Yes !  and those who are called Sapiosexual  they consider intelligence the main factor that will determine their attraction or their sexual attraction to that person  even more important than his look or body shape .
In 2014 thousands on the most famous dating web site OKCupid have defined themselves as Sapiosexual , as came in the British journal  Independent , which was considered an online dating evolution when we find physical desires along  with mental attraction .
Are you Smart ?
Are you smart enough to convince someone to forget about your lack of hotness and body sexiness and bank accounts and get amazed by how many books do you have on your desk . well you can try the free intelligence test here  ( or  knowing already that the average score is between 80-115  you will be the lucky one if you score more
But maybe this is not the right question to ask  what if this orientation is just a modern way people hide their animal instinct behind ?
When this sexual orientation appeared many have taken it as their true identity and platform to express and discuss their desires   those were looking to generate some philosophical ,political social or scientific  debates for one purpose – sex drive-  so if you would like to find out if you are a Sapiosexual or not here is some questions to ask yourself  
  • Hot debates are better than having sex with your partner
  • The best date for you is a meeting in a library and select books you hv read together    
  •  You know about emotional intelligence that gives you ability to distinguish your partner’s reaction     
  • The favorite evening activity is watching a documentary movie with your partner about biological body functions instead of  heading to a cinema for a love movie


Well these characteristics could be enough to determine you are  <<sapiosexual>> , who usually feel excited  after a debate than asking his partner to take his clothes off .or a girl who is interested in her boyfriend’s mind and hair what he says in place of caring about his police suit or his six abs .
Is the Sapiosexual Smart ?
Well science has a different answer  as any kid before exploring his sexual desires   and the one’s orientation depends a first place to our early parents relationship  first emotional experience and sexual experience  so those elements determine generally what we are looking for in a partner as what we have been always wanting in our deep unconsciousness . 
So the one may look for a smart partner to feel smart and gain more confidence as the one aptitude to communicate with intellectual persons about a diversity of complicated subjects and debates .

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