Sadness : Your Brain Is Not Crying As You May Think

Depressed , Don’t Panic It is Your Brain Analyzing The Situation :

Recent researches leaded to put an evolutionary theory about depression considering it as a way of the brain to focus about a problem and take more time analyzing the problems contemplating the past and to find solutions or better understanding the situation Even though genes can be determinant factor of the one’s tendency for depression.
Previous understanding of depression defines depression as a breakdown of the brain’s functions so the brain activity become far from the ideal state and a disequilibrium of the chemical composition of the brain and it can be treated with medicines or  some changing on the behavior of the person  .
Though theories have been made about the probable evolution strategies developed by the brain for a purpose .

The scientific author Mathew  Hutson explains the possible evolutionary roots of depression and the goal could be to stop at an important problem in our lives to understand it better  and find solutions for this. the article was published in Nautilus magazine if you want to check more about the subject . Huston says that the brain meditate more and become obsessed with the source of the pain and bring back memories and feelings to have clearer look about the subject also according to Hutson one of the main depression indications which is anhedonia when the person stops enjoying any life activity is actually an attempt of the brain to stay focusing on the main issue because life activities will stop the brain analyzing process

This hypothesis could give an explanation of the fact most of depression turns happen after a death or a break up .
As far as this may appear promising to find the right treatment to help  people face depression as long as this theory highlights the cause behind depression and not only cites it’s indications it still waiting to be reinforced with other researches .
Psychologist yet have not came to a common point about depression as an natural adaptation result, so its treatment consists basically of medicines. These new Theories may head psychology therapists to adapt more efficient ways to help their patients . Even if anti-depression medicines were effective and improved a lot of people’s life this can’t hold specialists and researchers to look for more ways to treat depression .

So how will you respond to depression or Sadness next time ?


The proverbial image about depression is always related to people with mental or psychological  issues although this is not true because who did not feel sad before after a failure or personal problem in work or studies ? moreover sadness is considered a light depression , so this theory could be useful to help you get over the problem knowing that your brain is trying to find a solution will mark your situation positively instead of sitting and just be sad at your place you will also think about a solution of that , you will know something is not ok and I need to find a solution and solution you cannot find it in darkness ! In my opinion this is so important due to that concept the patient will be convinced this is a natural phenomena so he will not consider himself abnormal  and understand it will not last forever . and his way of thinking will be a part of the solution and not the opposite .


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