Nokia 3310 : Clever Attempt To Drive costumers For Something More


Nokia 3310 And yes The Snake Game on It  


Yes the rumors are true Nokia 331 ,and yes with the famous Snake game on it .

The Finish  company has announced in Barcelona Sunday the 26 of February and this developed copy of Nokia cellphone which is considered to be the symbol of the first decade of the 3rd  millennium  as the famous unbreakable phone .

The expectations for this phone which does not even supply the 3G network were very high once the rumors about its release began at the start of 2017 .
 HMD  Global is manufacturing the developed copy of Nokia3310  the corporation is  the  owner of   Nokia brand since  2016 

Many of the Nokia company former employees have  joined HMD global so the N3310 has not lost any of its specific characteristics and  sparkling .

What is New?

Florian Cetch says ‘’ that’s what our consumers have been requesting   so we decided to do it and 
have  some fun this is a unique opportunity we have here in HMD with Nokia ‘’

The new phone appears with larger screen, and comes in the same famous color  Though  at  the opposite of the original devices  Nokia3310 includes  a camera and a removable battery . And operates with an updated S30 system which was used to run the original device . The operating system is quite similar to the original one so you may feel like captured  in a time circle .

Nokia 3310  will cost you 52.91 dollar when it will be released on the second quarter of this year . The original phone came with the price of nearly  161 dollar in 2000 .
HMD has assembled  the phone to obey the 2000’s teenagers myth as being indestructible .

The new phone will be half as thick as  the original, the call mode duration is 10 times longer to reach 22 hours and 1 month sleeping mode duration .

You can charge the phone using  USB cable so no need to carry the old Nokia heavy charger with you anywhere you go .Some critics were ironical  considering  this as a marketing experience , but some analysts  were more optimistic  Ben wood from the CSS Insight company says that one of the 20 millions sold phones in the United Kingdom, a  million of them  at least are regular cell  phones which contains some modern features with no  Smartphone super characteristics 

Wood added there is a class of people who want just to have a simple mobile phone  . starting from the stereotypical image of the construction worker who wants a phone for calls and texting with no worries in case it got broken .

And we still don’t know the elements that will make the Nokia 3310  sells  attain the intended level  the need for regular cell phone with limited features or the will for limiting the distraction smartphones may cause .

Third of the Market 

Nokia brand owned  by HMD corporation  was ranked the second in the world manufacturing and selling regular  cell phones in 2016 , it had shipped 35.3 millions phone to possess a 9% of the global market , as indicates  the Strategy analytics company report .
As Mr Wood opinion , maybe the special thing Nokia 3310 will tell us will be about the smartphone market dominated  by Apple and  Samsung with all there modern features , such as 4K screens , high quality phone cameras , though every one is excited about a 17 years old phone .



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