How To Be ” the Joker ”


Are Jokers More Creative ? Hell Yeah !!

Well most of us know that joker friend who can easily make fun out of any situation  some would say he is stupid can’t be serious like to make fun of other’s to feel good about himself  those people just cannot deal with criticism  and sarcasm so they can’t see the good side about that . In this post  will try to highlight that incredible talent most people can’t notice in Jokers .

 What is Sarcasm?

Some as I said would consider sarcasm as a way to express distress and discomfort about a subject or a situation , others will find it non polite way to address to others , but in fact it can be a way to push people to think more about their view and perspectives  so the joker may predict the result of those actions so he will reveal the truth about what people are actually trying to do or to express he shorten the distance to them so it is note for them to reconsider their actions or thoughts or just to feel more convinced  sarcasm  depends on how you respond to it . So next time you face a mockery try to benefit of that instead of feeling upset .

Wide Perspectives 

You say something and instantly you get the answer or conclusion followed by a laugh  that’s the joker you find yourself surprised how can he  conclude all that from a new situation to him? Well the Joker has a wide view about different subjects in life  he sharpens his intelligence by analyzing new situations over and over again  and always focus on finding a way in and a way out so he will never be stuck in an embarrassing situation  because he have already announced his point of view in a comic cadre .
Another special characteristic about the Joker is that he is a good listener  that allows him to have a wide view about the subject and see what you have not even said .

 Jokers are creative and Intelligent 

Recent studies at both  Harvard and Colombia  universities about how much cleverness is related to sarcasm  the result revealed that people who have present themselves first in an ironic way  were able to find creative solutions for the tests they had  while others whom have presented themselves more seriously did not .
This reveals the tremendous joker’s  ability to think out of the box and comes up with the most creative efficient  solutions

Turn anything into fun

Jokers know how to enjoy their time  Friday afternoon  a relaxed evening in a bar or a coffee  the last thing people would like to hear are those boring stories about your work mates  students or business issues so the joker will try to make your friendly meeting joyful full of laughs and positive  and assign you some clever solutions for your problems or general opinions .

Do you think joker’s laughter is a waste of time ? so just think once again . 

Creative solutions that may seems ridiculous but actually can be so effective

A teacher once asked students in a test to measure the height of a building using a barometer  a student told him we will through it out of the roof and calculate the time it takes to reach the floor or to tie it to a rope and throw it and measure the length of the rope  he got a zero because the answer they learned in class was to calculate the pressure difference between the roof and the base  he had indicated that too but the teacher find that a mockery of his test so he gave him a zero .  That student was Neils Bohr the physicist who received a noble price after he gave the first Atomic Model 
Jokers believe there is more than a way to do or to express something and that method of thinking Is very effective to invent and guess solutions for new issues

High level communication skills

Jokers know very well how to bring attention their speech is very precise unique and short so they leave a lot of exclamation marks over the interlocutor’s head do you think is an easy skill to learn  actually marketers managers and team leaders  take years to sharpen their communication skills  say a simple phrase and push other’s to think more while they had no intention for a deep discussion is definitely a great skill any one will need for a successful career .

Jokers are clever  creative witty and comprehensive . If you know one so don’t get mad of him and just consider it an opportunity to think more and try to face him with more creative answers .


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