How Can New Language Be A Plus For You To Get Your Dream Job ?


Learn another language and you will get the job 

you want

Learn new language 


Globalization is a fact any one should consider when looking for a job for example ,   a company from Brazil  will have an office in Marrakech and who will have a plus working there ? yes the contender who speaks Spanish and English to be able to interact fluently with the administration and have better and clearer  view  about the company vision , the jobs market does not need only experienced or high graduated people even so it needs skillful agents and language is very important skill so you should take learning another language a priority if you want to multiple your chances getting your dream job .

Graphic Design



If you attempt to work in creative post or a job with an artistic touch , learning Adobe Photoshop will be definitely a plus for you granted that companies are very often in need to express their Ideas and works in the digital world too reach maximum of costumers , Free courses are available online in platforms such as Ted Courseera where you will be able to learn basics design skills within few months
Microoft Excel



If your specialization field is economics so you will always deal with loads of numerical data to calculate and to analyze so Excel tool is vital thing you need to master .



Website Design is always a plus


Learning website design is always a plus for every company these days so this skill will facilitate your way to get the job you want since most of companies work process depends on how good their database process is to simplify their operations so an agent with ability to fixe any upcoming issue will always be welcomed .

Communication skills 


Good communication and convincing skills  will not only help you pass your interview but also make you an important number in your job equation while you are able to communicate with your teammate and clarify your points in a way everybody will feel comfortable dealing with you and you will not find any difficulties expressing ideas you think matter in your job .

Search Engine Optimization SEO



If you have this skills your future job will be ensured you can make a successful advertising for the company and this will make you really important to them because you will know the company and you ill be the best one to express and advertise their vision .

  Google Analystics


Google allowed this service to websites owners to survey their web sites activities due to this you will be able to not only make successful advertising but also analyze and improve your tactics to attract more customers and  gain more advantages in your job .
  Computer Science 


Having a wide knowledge about computers is so important today . Being able to fixe a computer will certainly give you a big plus when you apply for your dream job ,  you can plan to dedicate few months for that and learn basics about hardware so at least you will know the source of a problem and that will save time searching for it .


So What are waiting for ?


You can be very competent and talented at your expertise field furthermore for  a successful career  additional skills mean additional chances . The Web is full of free courses and opportunities to learn new skills within few months so what are you waiting start your program  today ! 


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