Being Better Is Action : 5 Inspirational Documentaries That May Change Your Life


5 Inspirational documentary movies you should 


No one can deny the significant impact cinema had in the world moving pictures able to transmit point of views different situations around the world   express emotions and affect people’s impressions about a wide range of social issues or even political cases .
Documentary movies showed people real stories and gave them a closer look of what people around the world  are facing to make their stories inspirational and light the way for others to build their convictions and opinions on a solid real ground . that reality is only watched but felt as well .
Here is a list of documentary movies that may change your life to the best :


1  Happy People : A year in the Taiga 




Taiga is a village located In a forest in the wide  Siberia where people hunt for living and sell the fur . The director made the movie about their traditional lifestyle which has not changed over the last century  simple end elementary ways of living , these will not generate feelings for sorrow for them and how they live however you will feel sorry about the crazy consuming culture the world know today while people are more happy with few simple things they have , this will make you appreciate more what you have and try to make the best of it .

 2 Blindsight



This could be the best thing you have ever watched in your life , 6 visually impaired teenagers from the Tibet standing against the daily stereotypical bullying they face from the people of the village took a blind coach with them and decided to climb one of the highest mountains .
Life is difficult you don’t where you are heading seems like everything on your way aim to hold you back , well in this movie you will literally see what does all that mean to challenge all difficulties and get over all the hurdles in life . they made it and you can really see better say feel  life from a different  angle .


 3 Man on a wire

have you ever heard about someone who was planning literally to go to jail ? that what was Philip Benet planning during 8 months with his team in an attempt to breaking in the World Trading building tie a rope between the two towers and walk in the air , he made it and he got imprisoned after that . It maybe illegal dream but he chase it and get it if you think you can’t just think once more .


4 Human

Does the different cultures ways of living and geography make us different ? that what had inspired the director of this movie to make over than 2000 interview with persons around the world from more than 60 countries to show however the stories reactions opinions  seems different there is a common point to all humans which stays fix no matter the conditions are  the movie give you opportunity to explore that  which made him a special documentary for each  one of us .

   5 Homestretch

These homeless kids will be an example for you to never blame the conditions anymore although you will take terrible circumstances as motive for you to challenge yourself and be better .
These homeless students fought poverty disastrous life situation to stay at school study and graduate of university.

Being better is actions this what these incredible humans could thought us by their inspiring story .


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