Internet Is Changing : The New ”Status” Option On Whatsapp

Internet is no longer Virtual .

Internet has Changed Facebook is not happy anymore and Youtube is not the best video platform :

Whatsapp new Feature ”Status ”



Recently you get to your Facebook page to find it full of shared articles and news around the world or about local political social and economic current issues and general opinions . Do you think Facebook is okay with that ? of course not. 
Facebook principal financial source for profit is advertising so Facebook have been improving his algorithms to  facilitate companies to target their niches so what is the link between that and the fact people now no longer care about posting their personal interests or information on Facebook ? The answer is simple  Facebook privacy allows it to collect information about you know your favorite color your preferred hairstyle favorite brands and if you like cars or not these information database can be gathered through all your comments your posts and even your messages targeting keywords you use frequently . 
Who has not meet an advertising about legends are born in November ?  and no people are generally have more tendencies to express themselves in other alternative platforms when posting a short video is cool quick and more expressive so Facebook now is become a platform of opinion and not personal interests and preferences , and what leaded Facebook to add  the new feature ‘’ Status” on Whatsapp  the company owned by Facebook as a clear attempt to catch up Snapchat and Instagram wave . 
Facebook developing Algorithms  to target costumers
Things are changing too fast on internet the virtual world will no longer be virtual .  Youtube when you can post a video about anything for entertainment most of the time may lose his strong place as the most visited video’s website to Ted  a web site when you can find millions of educational videos and courses about different life subjects . who said the main purpose  of surfing internet is only to kill time ? when people will be able , actually they are now able to learn new skills while sitting behind their laptops anywhere in this world getting access to a wide range of online formations , You can learn anything to improve your career your studies , the stereotypical point of view about internet as a virtual world will change since now , in websites like Skillshare you can meet experts engineers ask them technical questions and wait to receive hundreds of useful suggestions and solutions .
This will make spending more time on internet productive and helpful , and more universities and companies will head into offering more educational cycles  to attract more talented people around the world and make learning a priority in the future instead of wasting time  surfing unlimited videos and posts on Facebook and feel imprisoned in the red or the  blue page .
This will positively affect your brain activity and make you feel better about surfing internet you will have that positive impression after achieving a work or learning a new skill besides your work or studies . Some would say humans always look for entertainment to leave their daily routine However how can spending 3 hours moving from a video to another entertaining ? Also statistics indicates under developed countries tend to spend more times on Youtube and social media than other countries , this is in fact a result of the absence of activities the person can do to benefit of his time  these new platforms will present an opportunity to that . where you can sell or buy gigs worldwide
Or even to make profit from that the example of Fiverr  where millions of services  are sold online worldwide from portrait drawing to website creations … the web now is full of opportunities now we just have to change our perspectives about it .


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