24Hours To Build A House : 3D Printing


24 hours to build a house ! not magic but 3D-Printing :



Imagine if everyone was able to choose any place in this wide world , take your mobile printer and get your house ready in 24 hours , the concept will definitely change our perspectives towards settlement and lifestyle in the future , and maybe not that far future because actually now in Russia , the were able to construct a 37 meters  square house using a mobile printer , they were able to design the house with a living room ,a kitchen a hallway and a bathroom , the walls , partitions and building envelope were totally printed ,windows doors and other furnishings   were added later and the house were painted from the outside , such features could not be printed simultaneously because of the mixture .

The total construction cost reached 10.134 dollars .

The house is located in one of the Apis Cor ‘s facilities in Russia   the company which has constructed the house . According  to the company  the house will last for more than 160 years .


 Nikita Chen-Yun-Tai , the founder on the Apis Cor’s website have sited the concept and goals , as she said ‘’ We want to change public views that construction can’t be fast , Eco-friendly efficient and reliable at the same time ‘’ she added ‘’ our goal is to become the biggest international construction company to solve problems of accommodation around the globe ‘’

Apis Cor is the first company in the world to have achieved a 3D printer model able to print whole house on-site because a year earlier  the world’s first 3D printed house building was made in China , though the structure was printed off-site .


This is a revolution on building construction sector  houses that will be eco-friendlye conomic personalized where the one will not only open the door into a normal building but into an amazing experience comfortable and why not artistic because all you have to do is to dream about your dream house  some money and here is your keys . all the example of persons whom they look to change their house design  and may take those months of waiting as real obstacle this could be the best solution or them .


The Concrete mixture can be made of ordinary construction this method allow to save up to 60  percent of the materials used in normal construction works and requires 80 percent less labor .

Other optimistic uses can be allowed also by this printer  if you can take it to the moon with less labor needed and the hard space conditions that make taking construction crews and the long time needed to train them and prepare them for the space    you just need the mixture and will guarantee safe accommodation  there  with the efficient design and structure and features to make living there possible .

I personally like the Idea like I see it an opportunity for engineers to realize their most creative and artistic building ideas  so we will see houses as a part of modern art global wave . 

you can see the English of the video now  on Youtube  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xktwDfasPGQ 



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