1 Million Dollar ! 5 Years 5 Advises This Young American Millionaire Shares With Us

Internet is great way to make money today :

Advices this young american millionaire shares to ambitious freelancers :

An American millionaire has given us advises that he thinks committing to them may be our way to start a successful career and be able to get the wealth you deserve . this young man started his professional career from zero and climbed to a million dollars in five years – yes in five years – if that seems too quick for you so it is a good start  you are on the right  way  because those who have intention to reach their goals fast they certainly have to think one more time about that .


The young Man  Craig after graduating from Chicago  University and find himself with no job , living with his family and with only 2 dollars , he made a copy of his empty bank account number and stared at it  and decided to transform into a six numbers account in only five years . According to CNBC , the American news network in its report Craig is 31 years old now and his bank account contains a six numbers amount  which means he has really achieved his goal in five years  since he had graduated from university until now .
CNBC report  indicated he started his career as an employee in a company working on computing  technologies  he started with a salary of 50 thousands a year but he was not convinced that salary could be enough to make him millionaire  or to save enough  for him to the future  he found out he may be able to save from 5 to 10 percent in best cases , which leaded him to leave his job and move to start his way as freelancer .


Grant says he started his career designing websites for companies  he received  300 dollars after  he had  designed their first website . Sooner he raise his services fees to obtain 5 thousand dollars after each website he design , and then his sold his first commercial project for 100 thousand dollars , a short  period after that his wealth attained 1 million dollar .




And concerning the 5 advises the young millionaire has shared with us in the TV 


show :
You are the most important in any equation
First :  Do never get less money than you deserve  and do not devalue yourself and abilities , and for the salary most of us get from their jobs , they are far away of what the one really deserves.
save to invest
The second advice is :  you have to save a maximum of your revenues and invest it later to generate other revenues later the young man says he – now – saves 50 percent of his current revenues .
Keep an eye on the Market and look for the best opportunities
Third :  you have to be able to generate a multi income resources , maybe working in partial time jobs or extra business you can do in your free time to get some more money than you spend .


His  fourth advice: was invest in what you know and what you  in master to generate extra income and work infamous  companies .
And finally: he suggests you to always watch your bank account and calculate your benefits , that could be really motivational and also to evaluate how much your way has been effective  .
Of course each one has his own way his own perspective and method of success , and the common thing between all those successful people is that they benefit of each other’s experiences .

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