Wealthy People’s Number Is Supposed To Increase By More Than 40% In The Next 10 Years





The Number of Rich people is supposed to increase during the next decade by more than 40% :
A report of  “ Night Frank” properties investing company predict increasing the number of persons whom their fortune exceed 30 million dollars by more than 40% over the next 10 years  which is  farther surpassing the global demographic rate during the same period .
The report indicates this enhancement is greater in Asian countries . Rich people number will raise to twice by the year 2026 to reach more 88 thousands . In   India and China are going to witness within the report  a 150 percent in the number of rich people .

Even though  the experts anticipations about the Chinese economy slow down the  tendency  toward technology  entertainment and health care sectors will offer new opportunities to new  entrepreneurs  and give occasion  to economy to  provoke more wealthy business men and women .
Accordingly to the report  Vietnam also will witness an important growth in the rich persons number which has been predicted to surpass 170 percent .
North America as well , as indicates the report  will know an increase in the wealthy people’s number  with a 31 percent ratio . that may not seem as a huge ratio but still very important considering the fact that the region is home of the biggest number of rich people and business men there  to reach 96 thousands over the next decade .
The report avails Canada also will witness the increase in the wealthy people ‘s number by a rate of 50 percent  and that what reflects Canada’s reputation as an important destination for rich people due to their encouraging political atmosphere for investing . 


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