High-school investment turns to 8.000 times more the original value ! it ‘s Snapchat

What can we learn from Snapchat 
smashing  success ?



 $33 Billions is the current market value of the famous app Snapchat , before all that and after the smart idea that leaded to its creation  there was a story .
In 2012   Barry Eggers came home to find his two daughters amazed using a new application Snapchat  the father saw a big potential in the application and decided to suggest it to his partner in the Lightspeed Venture company  which he was the founder they both decided to contact Snapchat ‘s creators .


Evan Spiegel the Snapchat INC CEO accepted their investment of 500.000$  so they become Snapchat first investors . 


Eggers and his investing perspectives leaded him to convince the administration of his two daughters school Saint Francis in California to put an additional 15.000$ along with the 500.000$ , Few years later the school investment worth more than 8.000 times more than the original invested amount .with that investment Snapchat creators were able to develop their application and provide the sufficient servers and technical tools to make 
Snapchat market value today beyond $30 Billions also to become the favorite platform of famous people to post their videos in most of time unique and modern way to get closer to 
their fans




There are  lot of lessons we can learn 

From this story actually we live In a world when the virtual world is full of opportunities for ambitious and creative people to apply their visions and reach the maximum  people around the world although ideas only are not enough you need investment to realize your plans


  • Mr. Egger’s attitude to invest in Snapchat was not by chance as it may appear  in his way of thinking and professional background he has a previous ability to think outside the box and see potential new ideas that may bring him profit –  he is not the only man who came back that day to find his children diving in their smartphones –  So having that investing attitude is so important nowadays because opportunities maybe much closer than we imagine .


  • Another point I de like to highlight here is  he was able to make a very important decision ; investing that very important amount of money , and again It is not gambling  Mr. Egger has definitely a wide perspective about the world today and general tendencies towards the digital world .


  • Communication skills to convince and make others adopt your point of view is a vital key for success , or Mr. Eggers wouldn’t push his partner to agree investing in Snapchat or the high school administrators .


  • Snapchat creators also they know time is money so they did not hesitate accepting the first investors they  knocked their doors alongside with that they were working on the idea even before the investment they were not waiting for a big important moment to launch their application they had an original idea so they have started working on it
So if you have Ideas about starting a business or a personal project just start don’t wait for a special moment because it may never come just be determined learn good and convincing skills manage well your resources and just start working on your idea .  it is simple as the use of Snapchat .

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