Hawk Spex :Amazing application to scan your food constituents with your smartphone screen

Get the phone screen close to your plate and scan pesticide residues 

Analyzing chemical products levels in food will be available thanks to an application on their smartphones according to the German Institute website.  Researchers in Fraunhofer Institute for Chemical Technology have designed an application called “Hawk Spex” allows you to analyze food constituents  instantly like it can define pesticide residues  in an apple through that application which will be lunched this year .
This invention allows to detect the percentage of chemical products in food  by radiating the sample by a light from the phone screen , and the reflection of radiations will define a spectrum that will be treated later by the application ,  so each spectrum trace corresponds to a chemical component .
It demands a complicated device to achieve that but researchers have been trying to develop an application able to analyze light spectrum the way a phone screen and a camera are enough to measure the spectrum .
 And they actually realize that , the application aim to separate and analyze the spectrum with no need for any external compound .
For that application to be effective it has to be designed for chemical uses generally but other domains seem to be compatible for the application such us : checking the cars painting quality and harmony ,  makeup products for exemple as skin health became a current issue in a very vast market full of thousands of new  products everyday .

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